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  Opera Noir - $10.00
Opera Noir
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Opera Noir is Stahlhammer's new album, over a year in the making. It contains 13 heavy and unique songs, including covers of 2 famous songs: "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, and David Bowie's "Heroes".
  Feind Hört Mit - $7.50
Feind Hört Mit
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Feind Hört Mit is one Stahlhammer's most popular albums, but it is out of print and is becoming very difficult to find. We have received a limited supply of this album for the Store, so this is your opportunity to get this great album.
  Gary Wheeler - Trivial Slushy Vintage - $10.00
Gary Wheeler - Trivial Slushy Vintage
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Trivial Slushy Vintage is Gary Wheeler's solo album which was released on July 14th, 2006. The Americanized theme of the album is highlighted by English language lyrics and a noticably non-Stahlhammer sound.
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