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  Stahlhammer appears on new compilation! 21 September 2010  
Stahlhammer's song "Krieger Morden Nicht" from Opera Noir will be appearing soon on a new compilation called Krieg Im Kopf: Die Kollektion. This new CD will hit stores in just a few weeks on the 5th of October, and is being released by Records.

On this 14 track compilation you will find some of the best names of the German metal and Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) genres. There are plenty of old favorites which you will easily recognize like Megaherz, In Extremo, Schweisser, and of course Stahlhammer. And there are also a number of newer bands that emerged only in the last few years that are definitely worth checking out like Stahlmann, Ostfront, and B.O.S.C.H. You can find the complete tracklisting in the Discography section.

Further information about Krieg Im Kopf is available on, including samples of all the songs on the compilation. We will also be updating with links to buy the CD once they are confirmed, so stay tuned!
Krieg Im Kopf
Krieg Im Kopf

  Stahlhammer's first U.S. concert! 26 June 2008  
We are very happy to announce Stahlhammer's first ever concert in the USA! Mark your calendars for May 2009 where we will be playing at the Thunder of Gods Festival II, in Austin, Texas. The lineup for this show will be like the album Eisenherz, with Gary providing the vocals, Niko Stössl on guitars, Michael Stocker on the drums, and Peter Karolyi on bass. There's plenty of time to plan a little field trip, so we hope to see you there!

  Stahlhammer CD Sale! 30 April 2008  
The very first incarnation of the Stahlhammer website was created 6 years ago on this very date! To celebrate, we have decided to offer a special sale on the CDs in our Store. Here's the price reductions:

Opera Noir and Gary's solo album have been reduced from $15 to $10, saving you 33%!
Feind Hört Mit has been reduced from $12 to just $7.50, a savings of 37%!

Please visit the Store to take advantage of the discounts!

  Quiet news! 17 September 2007  
As you know, Stahlhammer is taking a rest for the moment while Gary Wheeler works with his other band Blind Petition. They will be releasing their new album called Bloody Reunion on October 29th in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland! The CD will contain 11 songs. For more details about the CD, visit the official Gary Wheeler website at's webmaster has also recently created a new German music website which features news about all kinds of bands, new album releases, and much more! It's a great resource if you want to find new bands to listen to, or if you just want to keep up to date on your current favorite bands. Check it out at

Finally, we have some new lyrics translations coming soon! Stay tuned for those to be added over the next weeks.

  Details on the Russian albums! 04 August 2007  
Here are the new special features on the re-released albums from the Russian label Mystic Empire!

Bonus video: "Bis In Alle Ewigkeit"

Bonus track: "Herrgott"
Bonus track: "Keine Angst" - alternative version

Opera Noir
Bonus video: "Kalt Wie Eis"

We have also received some emails asking when these Russian CDs will be available to purchase online. Don't worry, we will have each of these albums for sale in the Store in the coming months!

  Remastered albums with bonus material! 24 April 2007  
The Russian label Mystic Empire has re-released the albums Eisenherz, Stahlmania, and Opera Noir. All 3 albums have been remastered and feature new unreleased tracks and videos! We will try to provide you with information on how you can order these albums worldwide soon.

  First concerts supporting Opera Noir announced! 26 November 2006  
Stahlhammer will perform the first concerts in support of Opera Noir in just a few days! Joining Gary and Peter will be their old guitarist from the Eisenherz album, Niko Stössl, along with second guitarist Waldo and drummer Gernot. Michael Stocker may also be joining the band to play the accordian for the song "Ein Freund Ging Nach Amerika". Here are the first two confirmed dates:

29 November - U4 in Vienna, Austria
02 December - Hyrtlhaus in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

In other news, the Store is now offering a limited supply of Gary Wheeler's solo album, Trivial Slushy Vintage. To find out more about Gary's other projects, please visit his official website at
Stahlhammer live
Stahlhammer live

  Opera Noir in stock again! 11 October 2006  
The Opera Noir album is back in stock in the Store! Please visit the Store section to order it.

The Glossary page has also been updated with a few new entries.

Opera Noir
Opera Noir

  Opera Noir lyrics and glossary added! 12 July 2006  
All of the lyrics for the album Opera Noir have been added to the Lyrics page, with the exception of the coversongs which will be added soon. Translations will also be done in the following weeks.

A new page called the Glossary has been created. The glossary lists all of the people, companies, and bands that have ever been involved with Stahlhammer in some way. There are over 100 entries listed, so go check it out!

Additionally, some minor updates have also been made, including a revision to the Bio and a link to Gary's official website, which can be seen in the Links page.

  New interviews and Opera Noir album reviews! 08 June 2006  
Two album reviews of Opera Noir have been added to the Articles section, both of which are in German. There are also two very interesting and informative interviews given by Gary Wheeler on the Interviews page, also in German.

One more desktop wallpaper by Feuermann has been added to the Wallpaper page.

  Gary Wheeler's projects and new desktop wallpaper! 17 May 2006  
Aside from his involvement with Stahlhammer, Gary Wheeler has spent the last months hard at work on his new solo album which will be released on June 27th. Gary has also been reunited with his old band Blind Petition, which he sang for before creating Stahlhammer. Blind Petition is now at work on a new studio album and will perform for the first time with their new lineup at the Wiener Donauinselfest 2006 on June 23rd. More details about Gary Wheeler's projects, both present and past, can be found at his official website,

Some new desktop wallpapers have been added to the Wallpaper page. These new creations have been given to us by Feuermann from Russia. Many thanks!

The Store is now sold out of the album Killer Instinkt. If we are able to get more in stock in the future, you will find out about it right here.

  Store is open, Opera Noir for sale! 24 April 2006  
The Store has just received a full shipment of CDs. Opera Noir is now available to buy, along with Stahlmania, Eisenherz, Feind Hört Mit, and Killer Instinkt. There is also a special sale happening right now! Your first CD is regular price, but for every additional CD you buy, you save $1! (up to 5 CDs), Head on over to the Store today!

Opera Noir has been added to the Discography section, complete with tracklisting, song lengths, and the full credits that are written in the CD booklet. 30-second samples of all Opera Noir songs are also now available in MP3 format in the Downloads page.

Opera Noir is now available on I-Tunes! If you like getting your music from I-Tunes, check out Opera Noir.

  Opera Noir Update, part 3: Samples online, Music video, Russian deal! 24 March 2006  
Opera Noir will be released in just 1 week!
3 samples from Opera Noir have been uploaded onto the Austrian Musikfonds website: "Vienna", "Wie Es Ist", and the title track "Opera Noir". You can listen to them here!

Plans are currently underway to make a music video for the song "Kalt Wie Eis"! There is no planned release date for the video yet, but we will keep you updated in the near future.

Russian fans of Stahlhammer will now be able to buy Opera Noir at their local music store. A deal has recently been made with the Russian label Mystic Empire to distribute Opera Noir throughout the country.

Finally, a website dedicated to the musical work of Gary Wheeler has been created. You will find information about all of the bands that he has been involved with during his 25 year music career, as well as news about his current solo project. The web address is
Opera Noir
Opera Noir

  Opera Noir Update, part 2: New CDs coming to the Store + Stahlhammer joins! 08 March 2006  
Just as music stores across Austria and Germany are preparing for Opera Noir to strike in just over 3 weeks, the Store is getting ready as well. Stahlhammer fans in North America (and worldwide) will be happy to know that we are re-stocking our shelves with 4 albums: Opera Noir, Stahlmania, Eisenherz, and even a newly found limited supply of Killer Instinkt! We also still have some Feind Hört Mit CDs available right now. Stay tuned during the next few weeks to find out when the new CDs have arrived!

Stahlhammer has joined the latest online trend by starting a Myspace account! The address is, so check it out if you're on Myspace and add us to your friends list.

One last announcement for today: The links for Stahlhammer's new record label and distributor have been updated in the Links and Contact sections.
Opera Noir
Opera Noir

  Opera Noir Update, part 1: New photos, desktop wallpaper, and links! 27 February 2006 is getting a lot of updates in preparation for the release of Opera Noir on March 31st. These updates will include almost every section of the website and will take place during the next few weeks. The first set of updates have just gone online.

Gallery - 2 photos from the Opera Noir promo shoot have been uploaded!
Desktops - The first Opera Noir desktop wallpaper is now online!
Links - New German band links have been added, as well as some new music links.

And finally... here's the finished version of the Opera Noir album cover:

Opera Noir is supported by:

Opera Noir desktop
Opera Noir desktop