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  New label, Opera Noir release date and final tracklisting! 23 November 2005  
It has been a while since our last update, but a lot has been happening in recent months. Stahlhammer has successfully completed the search for a new record company by signing a deal with the Spanish label Def-Dick. The band also found a new booking manager, "Shooter" / Dirk Lembach. And as always, Stahlhammer has been preparing for the release of Opera Noir.

The three previously unknown cover-songs on the new album will be "In The Air Tonight", originally by Phil Collins; "Heroes/Helden", by David Bowie; and "La Paloma" which is a traditional song, the most recognizable version of which was sung by the German actor Hans Albers. These songs complete the final tracklisting:

01. Vienna
02. Wie Es Ist
03. Opera Noir
04. Kalt Wie Eis
05. In The Air Tonight
06. Tod A Capella
07. Das Schreiende Herz
08. La Paloma
09. Krieger Morden Nicht
10. Jazz
11. Mensch
12. Der Alte Mann
13. Heroes/Helden

And finally, the news we have all been waiting for... Opera Noir is scheduled to be released on March 31st, 2006.

  Stahlmania desktop and final translations! 22 May 2005  
A new image for your computer desktop has been added to the Downloads page featuring a photo from the Stahlhammer promo shoot. Like all the other desktops, it is available in 1024x768 resolution and 800x600 resolution.

Translations for 3 more songs on Stahlmania, "Der Zerbrochene Traum", "Verdammt, Sie Hasst Mich" and "Merci, Cherie", have also been added to the Stahlmania lyrics page. These 3 songs complete the Stahlmania translations section.

Stahlmania desktop
Stahlmania desktop

  4 compilations and an interview added! 25 April 2005  
Four compilations have been added to the Compilations page of the Discography. Three of these CDs feature the song "Wiener Blut", including one CD that was released in Poland! The fourth compilation features the song "Weiss Wie Schnee".

An old interview from 1997 has been discovered online and it has been added to the Articles section. This interview is in German and features Peter, Michael, and Thomas talking about their tour with Overkill, the song Wiener Blut, and much more. Check it out here!

The Store has been able to get a new shipment of "Feind Hört Mit" CDs, and they will be sold at a reduced price of $12 (originally $15). Take this opportunity to get this amazing album for yourself.

Kraftstoff compilation
Kraftstoff - one of the newly added compilations

  Opera Noir tracklist! 20 March 2005  
The new album Opera Noir is progressing steadily. Two new songs have been recorded, bringing the total number of songs to 13. We would like to announce the new song titles here, but the 3 coversongs will remain a secret for the moment.

Krieger Morden Nicht
Opera Noir
Der Alte Mann
Das Schreiende Herz
Kalt Wie Eis
Tod A Capella
Wie Es Ist

The release date is still not known, but it is always approaching!

  Feind Hört Mit in the Store! 20 March 2005  
Feind Hört Mit is one of the most popular Stahlhammer albums, but it has been out of print for many years now and it is becoming very difficult to find. Luckily, we have received a very limited supply of this album which is now for sale in the Store. We probably won't be able to get any more once these are sold out, so now is your chance to own this amazing album.

Feind Hört Mit
Feind Hört Mit

  A new album is coming soon! 24 January 2005  
Usually a band goes on tour after releasing an album, so you may be wondering what Stahlhammer has been doing during these past months since Stahlmania was released. Well the truth is, there has been a lot going on. Stahlhammer pushed back the tour to focus on making a brand new album!

The plans for this album were originally stated in an interview with Gary Wheeler in which he said it will contain only covers of traditional songs. However, this main idea has changed since that time, and now there is only 1 traditional song on the album. Instead, it is a concept album with a focus on the opera! The sounds will be dark and nihilistic.

Opera Noir (French for "Black Opera") will be the title of the new album, and it will contain 11 songs in total. A Stahlhammer album would never be complete without some unique coversongs, so this one will feature 3 coversongs including the traditional song. The remaining 8 songs will be all new and original Stahlhammer tunes.

The new album is nearing completion and we are hoping for a release date within a few months around the beginning of the summer! As an added bonus, the video for "Bis In Alle Ewigkeit" might appear on the CD as well. Stay tuned to for the tracklisting and further details in the near future. Tour info will also be announced later on.

  New album reviews and more English translations! 23 January 2005  
We have uploaded 2 new album reviews of Eisenherz and 1 new album review of Stahlmania. These 3 reviews are from and they are all in English. Check them out in the Articles section. (Stahlmania # 13, Eisenherz # 11 and 12)

There are also a few more English translations in the Stahlmania lyrics section. The newly translated songs include "Angst", "Lady Josephine", "Ich Habe Dich Geliebt" and "Ich (Feel Me)". Many thanks to David for the translations.