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  Stahlmania arrives in the online store! 16 December 2004  
We are happy to announce that Stahlhammer's newest album, Stahlmania, can now be purchased in the store! Eisenherz is also now back in stock. In addition to buying these albums seperately, the Store now offers a deal where you can buy both albums together and save a few dollars!

Check it all out in the Store!


  Stahlmania translations are online! 22 November 2004  
English translations for the first half of the Stahlmania album are now online in the Stahlmania lyrics section. The translations for the last half of the songs will be online in the near future. Many thanks to David for taking some spare time to do the translations for the site!.

  Stahlmania lyrics are online! 15 November 2004  
The lyrics of all 15 songs on Stahlmania have been typed out and are now online. You can read the lyrics here. If you would like to help translate these lyrics, please contact

Also, we are expecting a delivery of Stahlmania CDs and more Eisenherz CDs within a few weeks. Thanks to all who have contacted us with requests for these CDs. Your patience is appreciated.

Stahlmania lyrics
Stahlmania lyrics has been completely redesigned! 24 October 2004 has gotten a much needed makeover and undergone a total reconstruction! The new colors of the website match the theme of the new album very nicely and the new page layouts should make it easier to find what you are looking for. All of the code has also been changed and streamlined a bit, so the site should load more quickly for people with slow connection speeds. In addition to that, the website should now work equally in all web browsers! The old site was originally designed for Internet Explorer, so I apologize to those who were using other browsers and has problems viewing the site correctly.

If you experience any difficulties with the new site, please let me know at

Here's a look back at the previous versions of

Version 1 version 1
30 April 2002 to 20 July 2002
Version 2 version 2
21 July 2002 to 30 August 2003
Version 3 version 3
01 September 2003 to 23 October 2004

  Stahlmania has been released! 27 September 2004  
Today is the release date of Stahlmania! For all of you in Germany and Austria, you should be able to find the album right in your local music shop. The store does not have the album for sale at this time, so for people elsewhere around the world, you can order the album at the following online stores: - Select your language and then type "Stahlhammer" in the search bar.
Stahlmania album cover

  Stahlmania album cover / Tour 2004 / New website 21 September 2004  
STAHLMANIA ALBUM COVER - The official release date of Stahlhammer's new album, "Stahlmania", is now less than a week away! For all those people who have not seen the album cover sneak peek in the Stahlhammer forums, you can now see it right here.

Stahlhammer's new album, Stahlmania

STAHLMANIA TOUR 2004 - Stahlhammer is currently planning a tour in November! Specific dates and venues will be announced here in the future. Booking for the tour will be done with Velby Productions. Please visit their website at

NEW WEBSITE - To match the theme of the new album, will be completely re-designed. The new website design will be online within the next few weeks!
Stahlhammer live
Stahlhammer live

  Official Stahlhammer Forums are now open! 07 August 2004  
The official Stahlhammer forum is finally completed! Feel free to register and discuss anything about the band in the new Stahlhammer forum. You can also talk about other bands or anything else that you want to in the other sections of the forum.

The Stahlhammer forums are combined with the official forum for the band Schmerz, which is another German metal band. I have also designed their official English website which is the reason why these forums were delayed for a few months.

Visit the forums now >>
Stahlhammer forum
Stahlhammer forum

  News about Stahlhammer's new record label! 31 July 2004  
Stahlhammer's new record label, Goodsongs, is a small label consisting of mostly rock and metal bands. While the company is located in the UK, their partnership with Sony Music in Germany allows their CDs to be distributed within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with a possiblity for other countries as well. We are hopeful that the promotion and marketing of Goodsongs will help the band's new album succeed!

The Goodsongs website shows the 27th of September as the release date of Stahlmania, which conflicts with what I was told by the band. This new date seems more appropriate since it is a Monday, the usual day for new releases in Europe. In any case, I will double check and post the correct date soon.

Online distribution through the Store will be discussed later as the release date approaches.

  Stahlmania release date announced! 30 July 2004  
Stahlmania is coming!! Stahlhammer has just announced that 24 September will be the official CD release date! The wait has been longer than expected, but the future is now looking bright. During the past few months, Stahlhammer signed a deal with the British label Goodsongs, and made arrangements for Stahlmania to be distributed by Sony Music Germany. The artwork and additional details about the album will be posted soon, so check back frequently for updates.

  "Stahlmania" premieres on Radio Goethe! 02 June 2004  
Stahlhammer's new music was premiered on the Radio Goethe program on 27 May! The title-track "Stahlmania" was played. For those who do not know, Radio Goethe is a German music program which is played on 18 different radio stations across North America. They do a lot of excellent work promoting German music overseas! If you want to request Stahlhammer on Radio Goethe, just visit and send an email to Arndt Peltner.

Radio Goethe has just released it's 3rd compilation CD! It is packed full with 32 bands from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland! To get a Radio Goethe compilation CD, and experience some of the best German music around, please visit the Shop. Because the CD is only for promotion, the cost is just $5!

In other news, there is a new Stahlhammer IRC channel. You can join this new channel on @Quakenet. Please note that it is owned by a fan of Stahlhammer, and is not related to
Radio Goethe
Radio Goethe

  Stahlmania internet release! 11 May 2004  
Today is the Stahlmania internet release date! This was not announced previously, but due to some delays, the songs on Stahlmania will be released online before the actual album is released. Stahlhammer is looking towards the future of online music distribution and is allowing all full-length songs to be downloaded in high quality 320-kbps MP3 files.

There will be a small charge of $0.75 (US Dollars) per download. This adds up to a total of $11.25 for all 15 new songs! You can also download only the songs you wish, and not the songs you do not want.

UPDATED: Because the album has now been released on CD, the Stahlmania downloads are no longer available.

Stahlhammer might possibly have this feature for other previous albums that are no longer available to buy, if the appropriate permissions can be obtained from the record labels.

In other news, the opening of the new Stahlhammer forums has been delayed for a few weeks. An announcement will be made when it has been officially opened.

  New band photos! 27 March 2004  
The first promo photos for the new album Stahlmania are up in the Stahlhammer photo gallery! You will notice that there are only 3 band members in these photos. This is because Stahlhammer's guitarist, Niko Stössl, will now only be part of the on stage line up. Additional information regarding this news should be available soon.
Promotional photos
New promotional photos

  Stahlhammer buddy icons and a new desktop wallpaper 23 March 2004  
Instant Messenger buddy icons have been added as a new section in the Downloads section! There are currently 10 images that you can use as your buddy icon. Check them out here!

A new desktop background has been submitted by Sven Olafsen. Check it out on the desktop download page!

The links in the News archives for 2002 and 2003 have been updated, and some news posts have been edited as needed.

Some of the Eisenherz translations have been corrected also.
Stahlhammer wallpaper
Stahlhammer desktop wallpaper

  New compilation added to Discography 25 February 2004  
A compilation entitled "Genug Ist Genug" featuring the Stahlhammer song "Am Liebsten Von Hinten" (listed as "Von Hinten" on the compilation) is now in the discography compilation section. It was made in 2000 by Metal Age.

In other news, there is a new Stahlhammer IRC channel. You can join this new channel on @Quakenet. Please note that it is owned by a fan of Stahlhammer, and is not related to Store is been re-opened 19 January 2004  
The Stahlhammer store has been re-opened! You can get Eisenherz once again, and you can now also get Killer Instinkt! This is their debut album and only a few copies have been found from the original pressing back in 1995! The album also features vocalist Gary Wheeler in the beginning of the band. It is a must-have for any big Stahlhammer fans. People who have ordered from the website previously will get a special discount for the CD also!

You can go to the Store now.

  Final Stahlmania tracklisting announced! 18 January 2004  
Stahlhammer has confirmed song titles from the new album "Stahlmania". Here is the full tracklist:

01. Compact
02. Keine Tränen Sehen
03. Das Unentdeckte Land
04. Out Of The Dark
05. Merci, Cherie
06. Der Zerbrochene Traum
07. Stahlmania
08. Dein Held Sein
09. Lady Josephine
10. Angst
11. Ich Habe Dich Geliebt
12. Ich Bin Ich (Feel Me)
13. Verdammt, Sie Hasst Mich
14. Salz Auf Deiner Haut

UPDATED: The tracklisting has been changed on the CD.

"Out of the Dark" is a Falco coversong, and "Merci, Cherie" is a cover of Udo Jürgen.