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      16 December 2003
The new email address to contact me is I will update all the email links on the site soon. Also, I am leaving for my winter break so if you need to contact me, be sure to use only the new address!

      12 December 2003 has moved to a new server space. We are now hosted by Many thanks to Jon Castle for hosting the site over the past year.

      11 December 2003
The Store will be closed temporarily during the Christmas season because I will be away during this time. The store will re-open sometime in January with some new merchandise available! Check the temporary Store page for details.

      19 November 2003
More mp3 samples of the albums Killer Instinkt, Wiener Blut, and Feind Hört Mit have been uploaded to the MP3 Downloads page. You can now preview samples of most Stahlhammer songs!

      11 November 2003
The Store has some new shipping rates, effective today. You can now choose between 2 shipping methods. We are also now sold out of Eisenherz limited edition CDs, and there are only two copies of the album Feind Hört Mit left! If you want to order it, this is your last chance!

      21 October 2003
English translations to all the rest of the songs from Eisenherz have now been added to the Eisenherz translations page, thanks to Peter for these. He also translated the song "Ein Freund Ging Nach Amerika" in the Killer Instinkt translations page.

I have gotten several requests from fans asking for Stahlhammer tabs for guitar. If you are interested in tabbing some Stahlhammer songs for the site, please contact me at, thanks.

Finally, there is yet another new background available titled "Acid Canyon", also by \"acu mann\". It is available in the Downloads section.

      20 October 2003
There is yet another new background available. This new one is titled "Gitarre Im Wald" and is also by \"acu mann\". Check it out in the Downloads section.

      18 October 2003
Another new desktop has been added. This one was submitted by \"acu mann\" from Russia.

      17 October 2003
MP3 samples for songs from Eisenherz have finally been uploaded to the Downloads section. All songs are available so take a listen.

There is a new desktop background in the Downloads section based on the silver edition of Eisenherz. Another new desktop should be uploaded within a few days. is very happy to now be linked to by, the number one source for Rammstein. Thanks to Jeremy for the link.

      01 September 2003 has been re-designed! Besides a new look, there are several new sections in the menu above. Some of the old sections have been combined with newer ones and there is a lot of new content, so browse around and take a look at the new layout. Click the "?" to read more about the new site and become familiarized with the new content.

Note that there are a few temporary pages for things will be added to the site in the future. If you notice any broken links or errors, please inform the webmaster at, thanks.

Stahlhammer is still hard at work on their next album! I have been told a few new song titles, they include: "Keine Tränen Sehen", "Angst", "Verdammt, Sie Hasst Mich", "Ich", "Stahlmania", and "Der Zerbrochene Traum". Of course Stahlhammer will also have at least one coversong on the album like they always do.

      05 August 2003
The forums on the server have been removed and changed to a new style. The old forum no longer exists and a new forum will likely be created for the site redesign. Not many people used the old forum though, so there might not be one... if you want a forum, show your support and let me know.

      04 August 2003
The webmaster will be away from approximately 7 August to 28 August. All inquiries and merchandise orders during this time should be sent to Also during this time a new design for the site will be completed. It has been underway for some time and is already nearly 1/3 completed.

      13 July 2003
A large redesign of has begun. The new site will have a new look and several new sections.

      23 June 2003
There is very little information on the next Stahlhammer album at this time, but I have been told that the title will be "Stahlmania". There will be plenty more new information about the album soon! Stay tuned!

      28 May 2003
The popular, out of print album Feind Hört Mit is now available to order, but there is a very limited supply. If you would like to order this album, you must act quickly because there is no guarantee it will ever be for sale again in the future! If you are interested, please continue here. For the album tracklisting and information, you can visit the discography page.

      03 April 2003
Lower prices have been given to the regular version of "Eisenherz" thanks to a more direct source of getting the CDs and a decreased shipping rate. You can now get your own copy of "Eisenherz" for only $15.00 including shipping in the USA! Check the Merchandise Page to get yours!

      12 March 2003
There are now some new live photos from the Ball der Schwarzen Masken at U4 in Vienna. The show was on 28 February. The photos can be seen in Live Gallery.

Also, there has been a slight update in the Tour Dates, so check them out too!

      13 February 2003
Stahlhammer has released some European tourdates! The currently planned dates can now be found in the Live section. Be aware that these dates are not guaranteed yet and are subject to change.

      12 February 2003
Arndt Peltner from Radio Goethe is currently leading a nationwide effort to support German music in the USA and Canada! He is asking that all fans write a letter to him in support of German music which will help this effort. Please read Arndt's letter here and support German music!
Updated: This campaign has ended so the page has been removed.

      20 January 2003
The Merchandise Page has been re-opened now that I have returned to a regular schedule and will be able to mail out orders. Get your own "Eisenherz" CD today!

      08 January 2003
Corrections have been made to the Feind Hört Mit lyric translations and others have been added. There are some new ones for Wiener Blut and Eisenherz as well. Additional translations will be added in the future thanks to Peter!