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      30 December 2002 has posted a little news about a few upcoming concerts in the new year. They can be found in the Live Section soon. Further details and additional dates will be posted.

      21 December 2002
Because of many additions to the website (shop, forum, etc.) I have decided that the site should have a new menu and graphics. The menu will be expanded and include many more pages which I will discuss eventually. If anyone has a suggestion for a design idea or new page, feel free to suggest it to me at The site will also be slightly resized to fit the majority of browsers more correctly.

The first new section that I will reveal is the new Fan Section! This will be a section for dedicated Stahlhammer fans to have some info about them, how they got to know the band, a picture, etc. If you would like to be included in this fan section you can send some information and a small (100 pixel by 100 pixel) photograph now, or you can wait for the new section to be made soon.

Other new additions to the site should include MP3 samples, maybe a video download or other downloads (desktop background, etc), and some other things like a contest. The full site change will occur sometime in January or February, so until then things will remain the same. Come back often for further updates on the band and the site!

      16 December 2002
There will be a new DVD to be released by the band in February! At first talking with Gary Wheeler a few weeks ago he said March, but apparently it has been moved up! He mentioned something about it containing their videos to date. The DVD might also contain pictures or maybe an interview if it is similar to some other band's DVD releases that I've seen.

Stahlhammer is also planning on touring Europe beginning on 14 March 2003! They will be in various cities throughout Europe, but no specific dates have been released yet. Check back for further information regarding the tour and the DVD!

      10 December 2002
Stahlhammer is still looking for promotion in the USA and Canada! I know there are fans spread across North America so we need your help! I am asking for web addresses of radio stations in your area (college stations are great also), music magazines that you like, and whatever else could promote Stahlhammer here. If you want to see the band come overseas then we will need some promotion! Stahlhammer is also looking into booking agencies right now so if you know of one to suggest, please do so. The band and I thank you in advance for your help.

Over Christmas and other holidays I will be at home and vacationing so there may not be too many updates for the next month or so. Due to the fact that I won't be available too often the merchandise page has been closed, but it will re-open when I return to a normal schedule.

      26 November 2002
There is finally merchandise for sale in on the Merch Page! Due to my current small supply of the album, there is a one per customer limit, but the shirts are unlimited. Unfortunately, I must order the shirts after you send me your order, so it may take a few weeks.

The Articles Section has gotten a major update! There are now several reviews of "Eisenherz" as well as at least one for all other albums. There is also a new interview from a website as well as a few other things, so check that out too!

      21 November 2002
Yesterday, I met with vocalist Gary Wheeler! We had a great time and there was much discussion about the band and music in general, as well as a few other topics. He wanted to see the Statue of Liberty also, so we traveled there. I am not about to talk about every detail of the visit, but a further explanation and some photos will be online within the next few days.

Also, I will be getting some of the limited Austrian edition versions of "Eisenherz" soon, details will be posted in a few days as well. T-shirts will be available on the site in the near future as well!

      13 November 2002
There is now a forum for This forum is part of a larger forum for all websites hosted on this server. The Stahlhammer forum is located at Feel free to start some discussions about the band, ask questions, etc.
Updated: This forum has been removed.

"Eisenherz" should be available in the United States by 30 December. This delay in the American release is due to a slight problem with the label, however things are fine and the CD should be coming soon.

      09 November 2002
Gary Wheeler will travel to the USA from 10 November through 21 November! His trip will begin in the southwest and he will come eastward. I am currently arranging to meet him somewhere if possible, so there may be some more information to share later on.

      03 November 2002
There are some new Stahlhammer t-shirts as well as a sweatshirt at the official [Austrian] Stahlhammer website! Go to to view them.

      08 October 2002 is now hosted on a server owned by one of my roommates. This will be the permanent host for the site from now on. Thanks to Deutschmusikland for temporarily hosting the site until we were able to get a permanent host.

"Eisenherz" can be found in music stores in Canada, but I am still finding people in the USA that are not able to get the CD here. I have informed Gary about this and hopefully they can get the album on the shelves here. Until the album reaches all music stores, you can always find the CD at and other online stores such as

As far as site upgrades go, there should be a forum coming soon. I am still working out some details with the band about the online store as well.

      30 September 2002
From the official site:
There will be an interview with Stahlhammer vocalist Gary Wheeler on Austrian radio station 97.9 FM at 10:00 PM to midnight on October 13th.

As previously stated, the video for "Bis In Alle Ewigkeit" is completed, and it will be airing on televeision for the first time on the 16th of October.

      28 September 2002
There are even more pictures from the video shooting in the Video Gallery now. Gary Wheeler also has asked me to add some pictures from a photographer's website however this website is down right now so they will be added at a later time.

      27 September 2002
The "Eisenherz" release party was a great success! There was a live performance of songs from the new album and I have posted some pictures of this show in Live Gallery.

Stahlhammer is also apparently working on their video for "Bis In Alle Ewigkeit". I have added a Video Gallery which includes some shots from this video. More pictures from other Stahlhammer videos will be added in the future.

      15 September 2002
"Bis In Alle Ewigkeit" probably will be chosen as a single and released in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands!

On 24 September, Stahlhammer will perform songs from their new album "Eisenherz" at Planet Music in Vienna. This will be followed by a album release party. Admission is free so if you are in the area, check it out!

      13 September 2002
For more people to hear about Stahlhammer, one of the best ways is for them to be played on the radio. Therefore, I am setting up a promotional distribution deal with Stahlhammer to send CDs to radio stations over here in North America. I need your help though, if you know of some good radio stations in your area that play metal please find out their address and send it to me. This way Stahlhammer will be a more well known band and the chance of them touring North America will be much greater!

Also the current dates for Stahlhammer releases and tours are as follows:

Austrian "Eisenherz" release date: 23 September 2002
European/International "Eisenherz" release date: 30 September 2002

Austria: November 2002
Europe: Winter/Spring 2003
USA: May 2003

      09 September 2002
Well I just saw the preview for the official Stahlhammer website. On the website they have 30-second samples of the new songs also and they sound pretty awesome! They also have a video teaser. I highly recommend checking the site out as it should be open in the next day or two.

Also, the release date may be pushed back a week for the Austrian edition of "Eisenherz", and possibly two weeks for the International version, according to what I've seen.

      06 September 2002
Just to let all you Stahlhammer loving fans know... right now on there is at least 2 of each of the already released Stahlhammer albums. I highly recommend that you check them out and place some bids!

      01 September 2002
I have arrived at my new "home" earlier and now that everything is set up, I have gotten the original German lyrics as well as the English translation to the title song off the forthcoming album "Eisenherz". For now, since the Eisenherz lyrics section has not been made yet, these lyrics can be found here.

Also, the band has asked me if I wish to become the official overseas (international) website. I have accepted, and so there should be a lot of nice additions to the site like downloads and streaming stuff, maybe a shop or something, etc.

Stahlhammer has been working on a new deal with Universal, so the band may become very big now! More details on this later.

      21 August 2002
There is a lot of new updates now:

The interview is now complete! Thanks to Gary Wheeler and Michael Stocker, you can all now learn a lot of information about the band's history and all about the new album. You can read the full interview in the Articles section, or click here to jump straight to the interview.

There are new layouts for the Discography, Lyrics, and Gallery sections. [The lyrics section is still being worked on, but there are some translations to various songs available now]. Also, as you may have noticed, the site in general has had some slight updates.

      13 August 2002
I have contacted Michael Stocker about having an interview with the band to find out some additional information. He told me to speak to vocalist Gary Wheeler about an interview, so he has been contacted and arrangements are being made. I have several questions already however I am inviting anyone who has a question to submit it to me at and I will include it in the interview. Please make all questions relative to the band and do not ask if they will be touring in a specific place. There have already been several people who have asked that and I will try to find out more about their upcoming tour soon.

      09 August 2002
There is now at least something to look at on the official site, although it is only a picture of the cover of the new album, promoting it. The site should be up and running completely by the end of the month.

      07 August 2002
Stahlhammer may be touring North America depending on the success of the new album. It will be released in North America by Metal Hertz (Prime Time Music) so I urge everyone to buy it once it is released on September 16th!

The official Stahlhammer website will be, but it will not be up and running until the end of August.

      06 August 2002
NEW LINE-UP - Vocalist Gary Wheeler who was with the band for their debut album "Killerinstinkt" is back for "Eisenherz". The new album brings Niko Stössl in as the new guitarist.

NEW SONGS - Wilfried Schneider takes over the production and arranges the titles "Träum Von Mir", "Kein Priester", and the title song of the 4th Stahlhammer album, "Eisenherz". There is also an NDW coversong "Eisbär" which is available on the Mercury sampler "Badder than the Original" and is already running in all clubs in Vienna.

NEW SHOW - I have been informed that Stahlhammer will perform live with new songs, pyrotechnic effects, ultraviolet light shows and specially made chrome masks made by Martin Klobassa who participated in Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Terminator".

      02 August 2002
A new Stahlhammer item has been spotted on called "Eisenherz". There is no information except that it is released on the 16th of September, 2002, but it is available for pre-order now!

      31 July 2002
I have gotten word from Michael Stocker (Stahlhammer's drummer) that they have a contract with a Canadian company called Prime Time Music, Label Metal Hertz in Quebec. Why they are with a company from Canada I have no idea, but apparently there is a new album out in September of this year!!! I should be hearing more from him, including information about the band's videos and other needed info after he returns from a short vacation.

      28 July 2002
Note: I will not be available on July 29th and 30th.

As I cannot get my old Tripod account to upload or work correctly I started to look for an alternative place to host this site, and the good people over at have offered to host this site until I am able to get my own permanent server. So I would just like to say thank you to Mikki and DML for this opportunity to have a good host for once.

Today there have just been a few updates, the credits in the Site section were slightly changed, and in Discography I added the correct photo for the Wiener Blut single, as well as info about the Wiener Blut promo I have gotten. My scanner is really bad so those pictures are a little dark but they work for now.

      21 July 2002
I have found the real lyrics to "Ein Freund Ging Nach Amerika" since they are not listed in the Killerinstinkt CD insert. The lyrics are actually taken from a poem by a German poet named Peter Rosegger, so I researched that and the lyrics are now in place. This information has been put in the Killerinstinkt lyrics section, and you can read the original poem here.

Also, to recall the old look of this site, you can click here to view the old homepage.
Updated: These 2 pages have been removed.

Finally, I am still awaiting lyric translations from someone since my German isn't that great. Once they are up, and I get some information in for the Wiener Blut album, the site will be ready to be uploaded!

      18 July 2002
The new look [including frames] is coming along well. The preview for the biography section went up a few weeks ago, so I'm sure everyone is awaiting the re-opening of this site. It should be up in a week or so, maybe less.

      30 April 2002
This site has begun to be constructed with my small HTML skill, with the help of a few people who answered questions about it. All information is being collected, but I still await to collect the last Stahlhammer album I still lack [Wiener Blut].