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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with other common misconceptions. If you have a question about Stahlhammer that is not found here or elsewhere on the website, you can contact to have your questions answered.

Is Stahlhammer a copy of Rammstein?
No. While Stahlhammer is a metal band that uses German vocals like Rammstein, Stahlhammer was formed about a year before Rammstein was formed. However, since Rammstein is more widely known internationally, Stahlhammer is often compared to Rammstein.

Where is Stahlhammer from?   Is Stahlhammer from Germany?
It is wrong to assume that Stahlhammer is from Germany just because their songs are in German. Stahlhammer is from the city of Vienna in Austria, which is a country is just south of Germany. People in Austria speak German.

Where can I get old Stahlhammer albums? (Killer Instinkt, Wiener Blut, Feind Hört Mit)
These albums have been out of print for several years now. The most likely place you would find these albums is (Germany's eBay). Don't look for them on, they won't be there. Also, the albums on eBay will most likely be used, but on occasion you can find them new.

When will Stahlhammer tour again?   Will they tour North America?
Stahlhammer has played many concerts in Europe in the past, but if you want them to play in North America you need to support the band. Any live dates in the future will be in the Live section.

Can I help contribute to
Yes, there are several areas of the website that you can contribute to. There are things like desktop wallpapers, winamp skins, or other downloadable items that can be contributed by the website users. Also, if you are fluent in German, there are still some lyrics that need to be translated to English, as well as many articles.