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To save these images and use them as buddy icons for instant messenger, simply right-click and select "save as" and save the image on your computer. Then set the image as your buddy icon in AIM Options or Preferences (this may vary depending on which version you have).

If you would like to make additional buddy icons or other downloads for, you can make them and send them to

Killer Instinkt buddy icon
Killer Instinkt
Wiener Blut buddy icon
Wiener Blut
Feind Hört Mit buddy icon
Feind Hört Mit
Feind Hört Mit Promo buddy icon
Feind Hört Mit promo
Eisenherz buddy icon
Eisenherz limited edition buddy icon
Eisenherz limited edition
Gary Wheeler buddy icon
Peter Karolyi buddy icon
Niko Stössl buddy icon
Michael Stocker buddy icon