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Wiener Blut
Wiener Blut

01. Werkelmann 1 0:46
02. Bruderkrieg 4:10
03. Wiener Blut 6:08
04. Boom Boom-Shake The Room 5:12
05. Weiß Wie Schnee 5:17
06. Mit Dem Kopf Durch Die Wand 4:07
07. Krassnost 1:01
08. Can't Touch This 3:43
09. Störenfried 5:04
10. Mellow 0:45
11. Stahlingrad 3:52
12. Ich Liebe Dich 5:09
13. Mach's Dir Selbst 4:31
14. Politischer Bluff 3:43
15. S.O.S. 6:18
16. Polé 3:19
17. Werkelmann 2 1:52

Below is the complete text from the Wiener Blut CD insert
Stahlhammer are:
Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria: Vocals, percussion, flex
Michael Stocker: Drums, percussion, keys on "Boom Boom Shake the Room"
Peter Kraolyi: Bass and backing vocals
Thomas Schuler: Git and backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Alexander Nefzger: samplers, sound design, samples on "Stahlingrad"
Barbara Karolyi: Vocals on "Wiener Blut"
Oliver Maar: Drehorgel
Thomas Felder: samples on "Stahlingrad"
Dee Dee Dokalik: String arrangements on "Wiener Blut"
Roswitha Dokalik: Violine

Copyright 1997 High Gain

All songs composed by Stahlhammer
All songs published by Edition Fireland / Warner Chappell

"Wiener Blut": Stahlhammer / trad. Johann Strauß jun.
"Werkelmann (mei Muarterl wor a Weanerin)": tradt.
"Polé": tradt.
"Can't Touch This": published by Jobete music (UK) ltd. / bust it publishing
"Boom Boom - Shake the Room": Words and music by Kelly, Ervin, Harris, Mayberry, William, Haggart, Smit
Published by After School publ. inc.,
BMI publ., BMG Dunbar music, discotour.

"Bruderkrieg", "Wiener Blut", "Weiß Wie Schnee", "Ich Liebe Dich", "Mach's Dir Selbst", "S.O.S.": Lyrics by M. Stocker
"Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand", "Störenfried", " Politischer Bluff": Lyrics by T. Schuler
"Stahlingrad": Lyrics by Georgij Makazaria

Produced by Ferdinand Förster for F.M.M. Productions
Executive producers: Ferdinand Förster and Michael Stocker
Arranged by Stahlhammer and Ferdinand Förster
Mixed and recorded at F&S Studios - Wüstenzell / Germany
Recorded by Frank Seyfarth, Ferdinand Förster
Mixed by Ronald Prent, Ferdinand Förster
Mastered at Wiseelord Studios by Sander van der Heide
Bandphotos: Marianne Weiss
Coverphoto: King Media
Artwork: King Media

Renato Zanella, Ballett der Wiener Staatsoper, Clemens Pergler, Andy Ubell, Johann Strauß jun., Böggö and Ingrid, Ralph and Julie, Hans-Dieter Kaltenböck at Sonor Austria, Stefan Henisch and Fa. Meinl, Peter Zelenak, Klangfarbe, Hans Barth, Martin Randkl, Dieter Bartl, Andreas Tieber, Austromechana, Karl Woytek, Marianne + Lucas + Jacob.

Thomas would like to thanks his family and all his friends!
Georgij would like to thanks all people, who helped and supported him during the last years. I love you all.
Peter would like to thank his family and all his friends
Alexander: Thanks to Kascha and Thomas who supported me in Stalingrad. I want to say my special thanks to my grandmother's DANN and her original Schrammel Accordion which most successfully supported my inspiration for Wiener Blut. Last but not least my daughter Antonia, Silke, Chris Gelbmann and my family, Karl Woytek.