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01. Keine Tränen Sehen 2:51
02. Stahlmania 3:12
03. Out Of The Dark 4:24
04. Dein Held Sein 3:08
05. Das Salz Auf Deiner Haut 3:18
06. Compact 3:22
07. Das Unentdeckte Land 4:03
08. Der Ewige Augenblick 3:17
09. Angst 2:55
10. Der Zerbrochene Traum 4:55
11. Lady Josephine 3:14
12. Habe Dich Geliebt 4:09
13. Ich (Feel Me) 5:12
14. Verdammt, Sie Hasst Mich 3:55
15. Merci, Cherie 2:15

Below is the complete text from the Stahlmania CD insert
(p) and (c) 2004 Goodsongs
Distribution by Sony Music
Marketed by Neo

Stahlhammer are:
Gary Wheeler - vocals, guitars, keys and programming
Peter Karolyi - bass
Michael Stocker - drums

Additional musicians:
Marcus Pristernik - played wonderfully the Grand piano on "Merci, Cherie" and "Das Unentdeckte Land"
Elisabeth Schnaupp - played wonderfully the violin on "Der Zerbrochene Traum"

Mixed and mastered by Gary Wheeler at Death Lab
Produced by Gary Wheeler and Peter Karolyi
All songs written and arranged by Gary Wheeler, except "Out Of The Dark" and "Merci, Cherie"
Editing done with Steinberg Cubase
All lyrics written by Gary Wheeler, except "Out Of The Dark" and "Merci, Cherie"
"Out Of The Dark" written by Falco/Börger and "Merci, Cherie" written by Jürgens/Hörbiger
Cover concept by Gary Wheeler and Peter Karolyi
Photography by Stefan Csaky. Visit Stefan Csaky on his website
Cover design and artworks by Reisner Visual Thinking.
Management and consulting by Holger Koch

Special thanx to:
My sweet Erika, Andy Wheeler and Vicky
Philip Kunes for his studio support
Manfred and Sabine Schnaupp Zinkner
and also Robert for lots of technical support
Neighbours, especially Gabriele, for enduring of loud, bad, horrible and really asskicking metal noise 24 hours a day without killing me

...and a very special thanx to Gregory E. Pilling for his help and support