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Rating: 4 of 6
You know what? Even if Stahlhammer was a pop music, I couldn’t ignore them, ha ha! And it’s truly a pleasant surprise when you discover that the band whose title is basically similar to your second name is not bad. Their style is gothic metal, with few industrial elements (or am I wrong?) featured in a couple of songs. It’s not your regular Sisters Of Mercy or Rammstein clone, Stahlhammer are more brutal and diverse musically, although I wouldn’t say I got high on this effort. In fact, all the songs off this CD are good, however there’s one track which is simply a masterpiece: "Strom Der Zeit" is what I’m talking about... By the way, the most strange thing about this band is that Stahlhammer basically lacks any 100% Austrians when it comes to the lineup. Ok, look here: the singer’s name is Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria, the bassist is Peter Karolyi, the violin is played by Mario Gheorghiu, and the female voice belong to such persons as Barbara Schindler, Barbara Karolyi and Tanja Golden! Hmm...