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Stahlhammer - Eisenherz (6/10) - Austria - 2002

STAHLHAMMER is the Austrian answer to all the German language Metal-acts that have surfaced after the rise of RAMMSTEIN. They sport a quite remarkable career and only few bands from Austria actually can be weighed up against the Viennese band. Apart from countless live-shows, performances at Vienna's opera and three very successful albums, already in the year 2000 it was about time to work on musical reinforcement. With the newly recruited guitarist Nico Stössl Gary Wheeler (Vocals), Peter Karolyi (Bass) and Michael Stocker (Drums) started to write songs for "Eisenherz".

"Träum Von Mir" and "Kein Priester" had been the first tracks that were created for the now release opus. It is clear that they approached the songwriting process thought through and without pressure. Already the opener "Und Ich Bring Dir Die Hölle" has a lot of power and opens an album that has quite some surprises in store for us and should be the a bliss for all fans of the "Neuen Deutschen bzw. Österreichischen Härte". Further highlights are "Marilyn", an ode to Marilyn Monroe including samples of the blond actress and singer, who died far too soon, the heavily grooving title-track "Eisenherz" or the critical "Krieg Ist Eine Droge". Plus the funny NDW-cover "Eisbär", which should be a success in some dance-clubs.

Still STAHLHAMMER will have a hard time to continue their success, because the competition in this genre is not to be underestimated and many ideas already had been used more than once. Comparisons with the afore-mentioned RAMMSTEIN cannot be denied, because you mostly will not find any big innovations. Of course it is not easy to bring in many changes in a by now very limited musical area. That is exactly the problem that "Eisenherz" has to fight with, because after a few listens only it loses punch and interest.

Friends of the modern German Metal still should take a listen, because the musicianship and the really fat sound are enjoyable, if only in a limited time period.